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About Us

Donation Spend.

A start up in the unorthodox field of social impact making service, Causekey provides hosting and management services for events organized for a social cause. Working with a vision of replacing the word donation with spend. Already well established, we organize impacts with the aim to effect social change. Our future goal is to gain the credibility we need to start a powerful Crowd funding platform with an impact executing team of its own to directly connect those in need with those who are ever willing to help. The success we have seen so far can be attributed to the fact that we value transparency above all else, making sure that our clients and sponsors are knowledgeable about every aspect of work done through their transaction

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Meet Our Team

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Devesh Singh Vishen

About the founder

The idea of CauseKey is not an infant of a few months that it may seem to be, rather it was a spark that created, kept alive and evolved in the mind of our founder- Devesh Singh Vishen over the years.

What gave birth to this seed of goodness was a innocent mind of a naïve 16 year old Social welfare enthusiast in Varanasi who always pondered over the question why didn’t the lives of his economically unluckier peers still didn’t improve despite his regular donations which was followed by his ignored queries, because his questions after all fell into the deaf ears. Now that the seed has sprouted it holds the ambition to ensure that no such questions ever get to be created, after all the mission was to bring about real change, for those that need it and those that want it to happen.

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Pradeep Kumar
Chief Operations Officer
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Shibin K
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Shubhankar Vishwas
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Prashant Agarwal

Impacts Made So Far

For the Innocents

For the Voiceless

For the needy

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For the unemployed

To bring smiles

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Ensure that we are always transparent with our every customer. Thus we follow few steps to ensure the same:

  • The Customer gets a special invitation to witness the event, thus the execution takes place in front of custumers eyes.
  • We cover the whole event in form of a video thus even if customer is not present for the event, he/she gets to see the whole event knowing how the utilization of resources has taken place.

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